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Life-infusing Construction Elements in Architecture


Life-infusing construction elements are intended to instill new life into dead space in disused historic buildings.


These elements take varying forms and sizes to suit different space conditions, and can be transported in a regular car. Their flexibility and portability are essential in reviving a wide variety of disused buildings.


1) Revival of the courtyard space in a historic building

Exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, snow and other conditions, this courtyard can be seen as a microcosm of the natural environment. It has been revived as a space in which a life-infusing construction element reflects light and sways in the breeze.

2) Revival of the inside of a historic former bank building

The oldest stone building in this area was once used as a bank, and a new construction element has been installed in the disused main lobby. The element sways in the sunlight and the space’s slight updraft.

3) Revival of space in a disused warehouse next to a port

This warehouse adjacent to a port that once thrived as a trade hub is no longer used due to a switch in the major mode of transport from water to land. As it once stored a large capacity of freight items, the warehouse has masses of air space (i.e., area and height). A life-infusing construction element is now used as a medium to communicate the dynamism of the space.

photo: yoshiaki maezawa

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