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TERMO artist scholarship

Horizontal Epicurism / Arctic Installation


The experimental art work “Horizontal Epicurism / Arctic Installation” is tried besed on prospect-refuge theory by Jay Appleton (1975) at Arctic region ‘Bodo’ northern Norway.


Prospect-Refuge theory

At both human and sub-human level the ability to see and the ability to stabilize are both important in calculating a creature's survival prospects. Where he has an unimpeded opportunity to see we can call it a prospect. Where he has an opportunity to stabilize, we can call it a refuge. To this aesthetic hypothesis we can apply the name prospect-refuge theory.

Jay Appleton, 1975, “The Experience of Landscape”


The prospect-refuge principle suggests that people prefer the edges, rather than

middles of spaces; spaces with ceilings or covers overhead; spaces with few access points (protected at the back or side); spaces that provide unobstructed views from multiple vantage points; and spaces that provide a sense of safety and stable. The preference for these elements is heightened if the environment is perceived to be potentially hazardous.


Term: 7th-9th March 2017 / Size: 1m, 1.8m, 2.2mH / Material: Scrapped wood panel / Open Exhibition: Two local people came / Project Founded by Tokyo TERUMO Arts & Crafts Project / Special Thanks to SAMI RINTALA

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