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Yumino Hagiwara & Genki Fujita

This environmental artwork was produced in a historic district that once flourished in the shipping industry. The piece, themed "The People", commemorates the glory and energy that once existed in the district.


A warehouse that long served as the core of the shipping industry is utilized to display the artwork. The outer appearance of the warehouse that still remains since the pinnacle of the shipping industry in the early 20th century brings a sense of energy that existed during that time. The unused verandas showcase 50 human-shaped "silhouettes" that represent those who worked there.


The life-sized human-shaped objects consist of black nets and small airbags.  Each piece has a unique look, and they are strategically placed evenly among the verandas outside the warehouse. The total size of the display areas is 100 meters in width and 20 meters in height.


The human-shaped objects symbolize the vivacity of the workers during a time of prosperity in the district, which cannot be described in words.

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