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photo: Jimmie Okayama

Benizakura Art annual

<107㎥ Pavilion >

107㎥ Pavilion reflects the huge “difference of breath CO2” between exhaled by a human and inhaled by a tree. I find the disparity in the breathes creates imbalance.


The place where 107㎥ Pavilion is situated was once a heavily wooded area in the west part of Hokkaido, which is the northernmost major island in Japanese Archipelago. The 'Ainu' natives, known for their hunting culture, paid their sincere respects to the wooded area for its rich habitation of animals. The abundant deep forests succumbed to tree logging due to the increasing Sapporo-city’s population about a hundred years ago. Numerous amounts of trees were harvested to supply lumber for building houses in the area.


A human’s carbon dioxide emission per year is about 112㎥ while a tree inhale only 5㎥ in photosynthesis per year. I set this huge “difference” between a human’s exhaled and tree’s inhaled as the main concept. I visualized the “difference” as 112ー5=107㎥ in work <107㎥ Pavilion>, the size of which is about 35.7 meters Long, 2.7 meters Height and 1.1 meters Width. Pavilion is made of over 500 pieces of 2cm X 2cm lumber. Pavilion not only itself has the unique pattern of curves and contrast against exhibition site but also reflects the huge “difference of breath CO2” between exhaled by a human and inhaled a tree.


Exhibition until 23th September at BENIZAKURA PARK ART Annual 2018

004 pavilion from sky, photo neil hartme

photo: Neil Hartmann

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