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Kumamoto Art Polis / Kahoku Project

Presentation 10 years after completion

Land art 10 years after the work was completed; indeed, its condition after so many years enables the piece to be presented as a “work of art.”  The contrast between the work and the forest is fading, as the mergence and assimilation begins, creating what can be said to be a “weathered” design.


From art of the land to artistic land: unable to exceed nature

This place is no longer just a piece of land for the purpose of sustaining a work of art.  To start with, art cannot control or change nature.  This piece is an attempt at creating the catalyst to enable the land to have an identity.


Imagining the form in 10 years time

As far as this land is concerned, 10 years is but a moment in time.  But how about for a piece of land art?  The design should at least imagine how it would look in 10 years time.  This can be considered to be the sense necessary of artists who propose work amid nature.

kap002 bw s.jpg

photo: Koji Horiuchi

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