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Infinite Landscape                                                  


This is architecture built in a lake.  But then again, if architecture is defined as something “to protect and support the human body” this is not architecture, as what this place supports is just the “the time spent there.”



Visitors head for the room via a 45 cm-wide, 14 m-long walkway, some taking their time and walking in a straight line, others occasionally looking back to confirm the path they have taken.  Incidentally, in our everyday lives, how often do we take a good look at the paths we are taking, or quietly reflect on our recent past?  As shortening access to destinations becomes important in contemporary society, this space is just the opposite.  This space is designed to encourage people to think again about the meaning of movement and the time spent walking.



The room is a 1 m-wide, 8 m-length, 2 m-high angled space.  In the black painted interior there is only the floor into which the water has flooded.  As a result, visitors can only see the “color of the water” penetrated by the light from the bed of the lake. Water and sun, this is a place to take time to look at and sense two elements vital for our lives.  Or more accurately, it is “an obvious space filled with just the water and sun we take for granted.”  The feel of the room changes according to the weather and time of day, as is constantly repeated in our everyday lives.


This is a work of art that floats above the center of a lake.  But then again, if art is defined as something that “guides people irregularly,” this is not art, as where we are being led is just “the world that surrounds us all the time =Infinite Landscape.”

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