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[ Site Preoccupation /

現場に居ることに興味がある ]

Underground Cellar Garden with Mirror Lily

This work is an attempt to use the underground cellar (pit) of a concrete building as a garden.

There is cellar spaces for plumbing in the basement of almost all concrete building. This work is a completely new attempt to turn the unused cellar space into a public garden.


This entire underground cellar of the building, which is about 120 m2 in size and 2.2 m in ceiling height, is integrated as one installation art space work.

Generally, the underground cellar of a building is not utilized. This is because there are not enough windows and it is not suitable for living stays. However, there are always underground cellar spaces at the foot of concrete building.


450 sheets, 20 cm in diameter and 20 cm in height, "Mirror water Lily" were layout. It is the ceiling that is reflected in the mirror. However, it gives the viewer the illusion that there are deeper spaces under the floor. In other words, it makes us feel the underground of the underground cellar, a world that we can not enter deeply.

The underground cellar, which has become a garden, creates a deeper space, making it a mysterious garden. 

Ryo Yamada / Site Preoccupation

CAI 03 / CAI contemporary art institute, Sapporo

17 July - 1 Aug, 2021


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