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<Serial Landscape>

The display space for this piece is a disused warehouse adjacent to a yacht harbor, where the work covers a huge space that has been freed from its intended purpose.  The cloth from which the piece has been created reacts to the slightest movement of air, and as visitors to the warehouse pass through the whole piece sways silently.  In this way, the seemingly limited warehouse space becomes ambiguous, unconfirmed space far beyond where the eye can see.

The title of the piece indicates that the piece itself is not the final destination.  Here, the piece is “the medium.”  This means the recollections from the visitors’ own experiences and imaginations evoked by the new landscapes created by the piece.  From the “cloth space” and “swaying” that spreads out before them, people create “continuous (Serial)” landscapes beyond that, which are potentially linked to everyone’s different images.

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