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photo: Neil Hartmann

Domani 16th / National Art Center Tokyo <SIte Specific Room>

This is the video work of constructing three architectural structures in one day.


National Art Center, Tokyo requested me to exhibit an art work in spatial design, the theme of which is "Future House".  Since I found this request very difficult to achieve, I produced this video work to show you how I strived to meet their artistic demands and this video is on in National Art Center, Tokyo until January 26, 2014.


An eminent art critic, Yusuke Nakahara said in 1967, "Environment can never be reproduced by cutting off a part of it. There is no such things as true light with the supplementary light that reproduces it or true movement with the supplementary movement that reproduces it. Light is just Light. Movement is just Movement."


I decided to construct the architectural structures taking a hint from the Nakahara's words. I said to myself, "I don't want to have Future House separate from environment or landscapes." and designed the "three architectural structures" just staying at the site of constructing them while utilizing full of my artistic imaginations with no deskwork for the construction. I kept constructing them at the site just like improvising in music. I devoted myself to successfully construct the three architectural structures in one day and named it, "Site-Specific Room".

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