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" Ryo Yamada has created a series of devices for intensifying experiences of the natural: almost as if lenses have been made of various materials. "

-The Architectural Review-

TNF_5733 bw s.jpg

Ryo Yamada <Site Specific Room> Domani16th: National Art Center, Tokyo  photo: Neil Hartmann

Works 2023

Shelf Byway 2023 s.jpg
Shelf Byway 2023 005 bw  s.jpg

Ryo Yamada <Shelf Byway 2023> 
Sapporo 'チカホ', 

Works 2022


Ryo Yamada <Infinite Landscape / 水・光> 

Ryo Yamada <Infinite Landscape / 水・光>  3 min film / Neil Hartmann

黒板の森 001.jpg

Ryo Yamada <黒板の森> 
札幌 南区芸術祭2022

Works 2021

Ryo Yamada <site preoccupation>  4 min film / Neil Hartmann

sp 004.jpg
sp 100.jpg

Ryo Yamada <Cellar Garden> Underground derelict Cellar re-intensified with Mirror Water Lily

exhibition title: 山田良展
「Site Preoccupation / 現場に居ることに興味がある」
CAI-Contemporary Art Institute/ CAI03 Sapporo

Works 2020

jinmuji house 001 bw.jpg


Jinmuji House, Kanagawa pref. JAPAN  photo: Koji Horiuchi

Ryo Yamada <107 m3 pavilion>  3 min film / Neil Hartmann

107 m3のパビリオン(札幌市)

107m3 Pavilion, Sapporo JAPAN

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